Setting/Adjusting taper ties

For maximum performance and to ensure proper size water stop plugs are ordered, the contractor should pay close attention to tie placement/shifting. Elite Products recommends that before taper ties are placed into the form work, the contractor shall pre set all ties so that the large wing nuts and plates are set to a predetermined distance on the threads to allow the “large diameter” of the taper to land as close to the concrete wall as possible. This will ensure proper depth and plug placement for increased efficiency. (See Taper Ties)

Step 1

Clear tie void of all loose debris. A taper tie void brush is recommended and available upon request.

Step 2

Check plug engagement, plug sizes for corresponding taper ties will seat 50-60% of wall thickness from the factory. To achieve a shallow depth placement, simply tighten nut 1-2

Step 3

Attach the 7/16” installation extension to handheld drill. Place nut side of plug into socket and slide into void. Plug will stop when seated in tapered void, FULLY TIGHTEN NUT. (See FAQ’s on “over tightening”)

Step 4

Once the nut has been fully tightened, the taper tie void can then be backed with grout.

Manufacturer recommends ALL steps be followed to ensure proper seal.

  • 100% Simple, fast and efficient
  • 100% Sealing capabilities
  • 100% Guaranteed to SAVE!!!


Full Length Wall Clip:   This video clip shows a full length view of a wall being cleaned with the tie void brush and P120 X-Plug installed (model-1114, 1” – 1 ¼” taper tie). Total number of voids is (18).

  Total       Per Void

Brushed & installed

2:08 seconds 7.1 seconds
X-Plug installation 1:32 seconds 5.1 seconds


Close Install Clip:   This video clip shows the ease of installation and unmatchable seal that is achieved when installing the P120 X-Plug.

Close Competition Clip:   This video clip shows the competition being installed into a pre-brushed taper tie void. From start of process to end took approximately 13 SECONDS!! Over DOUBLE vs. the P120 X-Plug. This does not include additional steps taken by most contractors to ensure against no leaks, increasing man hours.   


Please Allow Time For Video To Load.

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A Close Up.


The Competition.