X-Plug FAQ's

Can you over tighten?

NO, the P120 X-Plug™ is designed with the appropriate thread length on the bolt for maximum expansion at any depth in the tie void.

What if the engineer specifies that the plugs be set close to the inside face of the tank?

The P120 X-Plug™ gives you the option to set the plug at a shallower depth in the void by pre-tightening the nut increasing the plug diameter prior to installation to meet specified depths.

Will The Bolt Spin?

NO, the bolt is compression set into the grommet with 50lbs of pressure to ensure a non-slip or spin during installation, also creating a watertight seal from the factory.

Will the plug seize or gall when tightening?

NO, the hardware has been coated with Xylan. This product acts as a lubricant and adds corrosion resistance.

Will the whole plug spin while inside the tie hole?

NO, the plug is specifically designed to engage the sides of the taper tie void creating the friction required to fully tighten nut.

What kind of a Diameter will it reach when fully expanded?

The P120 X-Plug™ fully tightened will exceed the large diameter of the taper tie void.

Do Hot/Cold climates affect the seal?

NO, the P120 X-Plug™ has been put through cyclical testing that shows insignificant changes for expansion/contraction.

Plug Interior/Exterior?

YES, BOTH. With the P120 X-Plug™ you can provide a positive seal from the interior or exterior of the walls, giving contractors the ability to place taper ties in any direction.

Do you need expensive grout mixes to fill the taper tie void after sealing?

NO, the P120 X-Plug™ does all the work. The tie voids can be filled with any type of grout mainly for aesthetic reasons, unless specified by an engineer.

As the concrete cures and shrinks over time, what will happen to the seal?

The P120 X-Plug™ will always be forcing itself in the proper directions to maintain its seal.

Can you grout only one side of the Taper Tie void?

Yes, the inside of a tank can be grouted to begin leak testing immediately.