Elite Products LLC. specializes in the design and the engineering of new product development, primarily in the construction industry. Elite Products has an experienced management and technical staff with more than 20 years experience in construction services, form assembly, gang forming, material allocation,mechanical assemblies, and specialty projects.Elite Products brings innovation to the field that will help make various aspects of construction more efficient and profitable.



Elite Products has earned the
confidence of engineers, contractors
and distributors on projects across
the country.

We earn it by....
Offering the highest performing waterstop application for taper tie voids in the industry, broadening the options for contractors utilizing gang forming systems. Earn it with our quality control manufacturing and attention to the smallest detail. Earn it with our reliability testing of all product. Earn it with innovative design for higher performance, simpler installation and less risk of failure. We provide the ability to perform remedial work at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional means of the past. Earn it with custom manufacturing solutions. We develop custom products for virtually any gang forming systems available. In addition we offer the highest standards of customer service in the industry by our hands on wealth of knowledge in regards to various gang forming systems and the efficient use of taper ties when constructing any structure, big or small. Elite Products is committed to saving contractors time and money. Make Elite Products your choice for the future!!!


6/11/2009: Elite Products is pleased to announce that Greenstreak now sells P-120 X-Plug

2/24/2009: Made Updates to Distributors, Applications, and Retro Fit Pages.

2/3/2009: Elite Products 2009 Newly Designed Manual is now available for download. Check it out.

1/30/2009: Our site is undergoing a redesign. Please be paitent as we make frequent changes.